Kinfe Sharpening CBN Wheels For Tormek

For commercial knife sharpening, Tormek bench grinders T7 T8 is the most popular bench grinder. It can be running with water and its jigs is the best suitable for knife sharpening.

Well, for commercial knife sharpening, the average cost and average sharpening work time are very important. Our CBN Sharpening wheels are designed for you specially. CBN abrasive is the ideal abrasives for carbon steel grinding, sharpening and honing.

Why CBN abrasives? CBN is the second hardest materials in the world, diamond is the first. But due to diamond is easy to carbon and react to steel, however, CBN won’t. So when sharpening knife, the CBN is the best.

Some people might ask why there are still so many diamond products for knife sharpening on markets. The reason is that CBN is more expensive than diamond. So when use diamond, the cost is low. But diamond has a fatal defects, that it is too hard, it always leaves deep scratches on your knives. CBN won’t be so. Because it is softer than diamond abrasives.

When talk to Tormek grinder, people also have a question that why Tromek choose a diamond wheel. I’d like to say that cost and broad application is the main factors. When Tormek sells their grinders, their customers not only sharpening knives, but also sharpening many other tools. At the mean time, diamond is cheaper. So to optimize grinding wheels for different application and also can earn more money, they choose a diamond grinding wheels for their grinders.

As to our CBN wheels for knife sharpening, we choose a high grade CBN abrasives, it can sharpen a knife quickly, and keep less burrs at the same time. We choose different grits for different process. It was proved at our professional customers.

Choose a wheel that help you earn money!

RZ Team


Post time: Nov-28-2021