The Difference Between Diamond Grinding Wheel And CBN Grinding Wheel

Synthetic diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) crystals are the two hardest materials in the world and are the optimal choices in material removal applications.
Synthetic diamonds are superior to naturally occuring diamonds in terms of quality and consistency and have been an unchallenged participant in the material removal industry for over five decades.
Cubic boron nitride is specially designed for use where ferrous and superalloy materials are directly involved. Many coatings are available for CBN to enhance crystal performance.
Synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride crystals are used in sawing, grinding, machining, drilling and polishing applications spanning a wide variety of industries.



Diamond is a mineral composed of carbon. It is an allotrope of graphite. Its chemical formula is C. It is also the original body of common diamond. Diamond is the hardest substance naturally occurring in nature. Graphite can form synthetic diamond under high temperature and high pressure. Diamonds are used in a wide variety of applications, such as: handicrafts, cutting tools in industry, and are also a precious gemstone.


Cubic boron nitride is synthesized by hexagonal boron nitride and catalyst under high temperature and high pressure. It is another new product after the advent of artificial diamond. It has high hardness, thermal stability and chemical inertness, as well as good infrared transmission and wide band gap. Its hardness is second only to diamond, but its thermal stability is much higher than that of diamond. Stone has great chemical stability to iron group metal elements.


What's Difference between Diamond Grinding wheels and CBN Grinding Wheels

Diamond grinding Wheels: Tungsten Carbides, Ceramics, Graphite, Glasses, Quartz, Gemstones,Semi-conductor Material, PCD/PCBN Tools, Oil/Gas Drilling Tools
CBN Grinding Wheels: Hardened Steel, High Speed Tool Steel, Chrome Steel, Cast Iron, Nickel based Alloys and other Alloy Steels

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