Why The Electroplated Diamond Tool Coating Will Fall Off


Zhengzhou Ruizuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.is a family-owned company that provides high-quality tools for customers, for various applications, such as grinding, cutting, turning, turning, drilling and drilling. The company provides broad-spectrum tools, comprehensive abrasive tools and sand wheels, metal/CBN sand wheel tools, PCD/PCBN blade tools and carded blade tools. The company's quality and quantity approval is currently in the durable, affordable and effective product. However, there is a problem that the metal cutting stone tool layer has fallen off when the customer can meet. This issue has since been resolved, and some measures have been taken to prevent it from occurring.

Electric metal cutting tools

Electric metal cutting tools falling off is a common problem encountered by many customers. The reason behind this problem is that the layer is not correctly attached to the base material. There are various causes for this type of occurrence, such as improper surface treatment, improper coating thickness, and improper heating time. During the electrical process, the connection between the layer and tools is weak, and the layer easily peels off.

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How to solve

To prevent the coating of plated diamond tools from peeling off, customers need to ensure that the tools are properly prepared before plating. Tool surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any contamination that may interfere with the bonding process. In addition, the base material of the tool should be of good quality to ensure a strong bond between the coating and the tool. Additionally, the company can improve the plating process by optimizing coating thickness and duration, creating a stronger bond between coating and tool.

In conclusion, Zhengzhou Ruizuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. provides its customers with a range of high-quality tools for a variety of applications. However, sometimes customers may encounter the problem that the coating of electroplated diamond tools falls off. The reason behind this is poor bonding between the coating and the tool substrate. To prevent this problem, customers should ensure that tools are prepared prior to plating, and companies can improve their plating process. Overall, Zhengzhou Ruizuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with first-class products and excellent services.

Post time: Apr-04-2023