Metal Bond Diamond CBN Grinding Wheels Tools

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1.Metal Bond Diamond Dressing Wheels and Tools

2.Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels for Glass edge grinding

3.Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels for stone profile grinding

4.Metal Bond Diamond Mounted Point

5.Metal Bond Diamond Drills

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Long wheel life

Superior form holding

Excellent for interrupted cuts

Retain shape and size during extreme grinding

Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels is usually for stone and glass grinding. RZ designs diamond wheels with metal bond with features of long life, and minimum edge breaking on your products.

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Also because of the super form holding features, metal bond diamond tool is ideal for making dressing tools. Metal Bond Sintered Diamond dressing roll is the best choice for traditional abrasive wheels forming. RZ can design the diamond dressing rolls for CNC on-line dressing and also for universal grinding machines.

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