Cast Iron Forged Steel Grinding Diamond CBN Tools Wheels

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Quantity grinding or deburring cast iron is a hard job, universal grinding wheels is too dirty and short on life. Electroplated or Vacuum Brazed Diamond Wheels and tools provide a clean grinding and long-lasting wheel life.

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Bond Electroplated / Vacuum brazing Grinding Method Deburring Grinding
Wheel Shape 1F1, 1A1W, 1E1 1A1 Workpiece Casted or Forged parts
Wheel Diameter 20-400mm Workpiece Materials Cast IronForged Steel
Abrasive Type SD Industries Foundry Die & Mold
Grit #20, 25, 30, 40 and 60 Suitable Grinding machine Angle Grinder
Pedestal Grinder
Jig grinder
Robotic cells or arms
Concentration Electroplated diamond Manual or CNC Manual & CNC
Wet or Dry Grinding Dry & Wet Machine Brand


2.No dust
3.High stock Removal rates
4.Fast Grinding
5.Less dressing
6.Safer - No breaking
7.Suitable for Manual Angle Grinder or CNC Robotic Arms


1.Foundry Angle Grinder diamond discs for Cast iron deburring grinding 


2.Foundry Pedestal Grinder diamond wheels for cast iron deburring grinding

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3.Diamond point and wheels for CNC Robotic Cells

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